Pendant with Snake Knot Bail and Button Knot Closure


36 of 2mm satin or leather cord (leather is shown here.   It is a little more difficult to knot than the satin).

Donut pendant or pendant with big enough hole for cord


1. Thread the cord through the opening in the pendant.   Follow the instructions for the Snake Knot to work three rows.   (In the pictures in the Snake Knot instructions, the pendant would be upside down and you would work the knot down from there).  

2. At one end of the cord, tie a Button Knot.   Measure the length of the necklace and move the knot, if necessary.   Clip the end, singe in a flame if you are using nylon cord, and put a drop of Super Glue or GS Hypo Cement in the middle of the knot.  

3.  Fold over the end of the cord and tie an overhand knot, making sure it is even with the button knot.   Clip the end and secure with a drop of glue.  


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