Button Knots for Adjustable Length Necklace


Use this knot to create an adjustable length necklace, as shown below. A button knot is tied at each end of the cord, around the other cord, and the knots may slide in either direction to change the length of the nexklace.


  1. With one end of the cord, create a button knot using steps 1 5 in the Button Knot section.   Be sure to observe where the center area is (highlighted area in step 3 on the Button Knot page).   Before you tighten the knot, thread the other cord through the center area.   In the illustionation at the left, the cord on the left would be the one attached to the necklace, and the cord on the right would be the free end. The second cord would enter the knot on the side of the free end and exit from the same center area as the stationary cord.
2. Tighten the knot.   Pull enough of the other end through to create another knot with the other cord.   This second knot has to be tied around the first cord, and has to end up with the first cord coming through the center area.    As you create each loop, the part of the loop that goes up must go behind the other cord and the part that goes down must go in front of the other cord.  
3.   Tighten the second knot.   Clip the ends of both knots and glue or singe.

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