Silver Clay Gallery

ACS - Art Clay Silver

PMC - Precious Metal Clay


ACS and PMC are relatively new types of clay that when fired in a kiln, turn to pure silver.

In its raw form, the clay contains minute silver particles suspended in an organic binder, and feels similar to ceramic clay.

During the firing process, the binder burns off and the remaining piece is pure silver (99.9% silver as opposed to sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver).


Goddess : with Dichroic Glass, Cubic Zirconia and Stone
Enameled pendant. From a carved stamp
Wings Pendant using Paper Clay
Treasures of the Sea Necklace
Silver pendant with polymer clay and cubic zirconia

Riverscape Pendant

Hollow construction with 22 k gold

Moonlit Pond pin
Pendant with embedded brass wire
Dichroic Glass Pendant with Chinese Knotting
Brass Screen Pendant
Inro with cubic zirconia
Inro (open)
Carved Ring

Vine Ring

Pebbles on the Beach Necklace
Silver pendant with green aventurine gemstones

Pebbles on the Beach Detail
Secrets of the Moon Pin Silver with Polymer clay

Pendant with dichroic glass - from stamp carved by Julie Leir VanSickle

Hollow Bead with Patina
Pin with pearl and cubic zirconia
Tree Pendant Initial Pendant Flower Pendant or Pin Leaf Pendant with pearl
Polymer clay earrings
Pendant with Polymer Clay
Pin with polymer clay