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Chakra Meditations for Common Problems Facing Women Today

Chakra 7: Spiritual balance
Chakra 4: Emotional balance
Chakra 1: Peace, balance of intellect and emotions

Anxiety Chakra 6: Peace and balance
Chakra 3: Personal power, self-esteem
Chakra 1: Personal Security, mental balance, balance of intellect and emotions

Lack of Concentration, Inability to Focus
Chakra 6: Clear thinking, memory
Chakra 3: Discipline, strength of will and purpose
Lack of Energy
Chakra 7: Spiritual and mental energy
Chakra 1: Physical energy, vitality

Weight problems, smoking, addictons
Chakra 1: Discipline, control of body
Chakra 3: Inner power, will

Poor self-esteem
Chakra 4: Self-acceptance
Chakra 3: Strength of will and purpose, personal power
Chakra 1: Ability to find direction and achieve purpose

Shyness, introversion, non-assertiveness, inhibition, inability to express feelings
Chakra 5: communication, personal expression
Chakra 3: personal power, self-esteem

Relationship Issues
Chakra 5: Freedom of expression, awareness
Chakra 4: Love, compassion, understanding, balance
Chakra 3: Ability to express feelings
Chakra 2: Emotions, giving and receiving

Chakra 2: Sexuality, physical and emotional desire
Chakra 4: Love, relationships

Chakra 2: sexuality, reproduction, healing
Chakra 4: emotional balance

Jealousy, possessiveness
Chakra 4: Emotional balance, healthy relationships
Chakra 1: Balance of intellect and emotions

Emotional wounds
Chakra 7: Peace
Chakra 4: Relationships, understanding, balance, harmony
Chakra 1: Ability to work on a spirit plane

Family Issues
Chakra 4: Love, compassion, balance and harmony

Job Issues
Chakra 5: Communication, ability to verbalize
Chakra 3: Inner power, mind, will, focus
Chakra 2: Creative Energy